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Battlefield 2042 Trailer Shows off Multiplayer Modes, Maps With 128 Players on PS5, Xbox Series X/S, and PC

Battlefield 2042 was officially revealed recently through a trailer that shows game engine footage. The game is being developed by DICE and published by Electronic Arts with a release date of October 22. The trailer shows off game modes in the multiplayer-only game.

UN-backed report finds no G7-based stock exchange indices align with Paris climate goals 

New research co-authored by the UN Global Compact revealed on Thursday that none of the G7 leading industrial nations’ main stock indices are aligned with global emissions targets set out in the Paris Agreement, thwarting efforts to avoid the worst impa

Flipkart Big Saving Days Sale Beginning on June 13, Major Deals on Phones Revealed

Flipkart is hosting its Big Saving Days sale from June 13 to June 16 where it will offer deals and discounts on various smartphone models, including Google Pixel 4a, iPhone 11 Pro, Motorola Razr 5G, Samsung Galaxy F12, and Asus ROG Phone 3.