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Making mining profitable with PKT Cash

Mining forms the cornerstone for all Proof-of-Work blockchains. While it started out as a well-paid hobby for early adopters of crypto, it has evolved into a sector that secures over one trillion doll

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Two common questions about starting a saltwater aquarium

The two most common questions I get about starting a saltwater aquarium are: Isn’t it a lot of work? Aren’t they expensive? I tend to get these questions when someone first sees my tank–or finds out I’m a big fish nerd. Do you get the same questions? What do you …

How to make a block given transaction ids, fee ,weight, possible parents

I have a list of transactions in this form
txid, fee, weight, possible parents

some of them have no parents i.e orphan transcations

some of them have 2,3 possible parents

So how would someone go about making a block out of them to maximize miner fee.

Google Proposes Oversight Role for UK Regulator in Plan to Phase Out Chrome Browser Cookies

Google is proposing that UK regulators have a role in overseeing its phasing out of ad-tracking technology from its Chrome browser, in a package of commitments the tech giant is proposing to apply globally to head off a competition investigation.