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Making mining profitable with PKT Cash

Mining forms the cornerstone for all Proof-of-Work blockchains. While it started out as a well-paid hobby for early adopters of crypto, it has evolved into a sector that secures over one trillion doll

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Making a valid Block from the mempool

I have a mempool which consists of random transactions with satoshis and weight

I want to make valid block from mempool which yields me more fees.

I need the logic/algorithm to get output as a valid block which maximize the fees.I know

to sort transactions by sat/vb…But can’t make it successfully

Max Keiser Suggests El Salvador to Float Bitcoin ‘Volcano Bonds’ to Retire the IMF Loans

Last week, El Salvador passed the historic Bitcoin law making it the first country to make Bitcoin a legal tender. Soon as the Bitcoin law comes into action in the next 90 days, merchants will start accepting it against their goods and services. However, the International Monetary Fund (IMF) raised objections citing legal and economic […]

How to make a block given transaction ids, fee ,weight, possible parents

I have a list of transactions in this form
txid, fee, weight, possible parents

some of them have no parents i.e orphan transcations

some of them have 2,3 possible parents

So how would someone go about making a block out of them to maximize miner fee.

Bitcoin: Network hash rate drops after China warns Xinjiang against mining

Bitcoin’s price has been going through a volatile phase lately, making the crypto-asset extremely sensitive to all kinds of developments. Previously, the rehashing of China’s crypto-ban had contribute

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Vitalik Buterin Predicts Eth2 to Boost Enterprise Ethereum Adoption

Vitalik Buterin Bust Looking at an Ethereum Wallet

Vitalik Buterin Bust Looking at an Ethereum WalletVitalik Buterin has hinted that he is very bullish on Eth2 development. The Russian-Canadian programmer says a successful launch of the much-anticipated Eth2 will significantly boost Ethereum adoption by businesses globally.  Buterin Bullish on Eth2 Development  The Ethereum development community has been making significant progress in the journey towards Ethereum 2.0. And cofounder Vitalik Buterin

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