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Week in Crypto: El Salvador Adopts Bitcoin as a Legal Tender| China Extends Crypto Mining Restrictions| Coinbase Enters $22 Trillion Pension Market| Bitcoin Taproot Upgrade Locked-In

The week has been quite eventful for the crypto space with major news coming from all around the world. The biggest story of the week comes from a small country in Central America, El Salvador. El Salvador adopts BTC as legal tender: El Salvador becomes the first country in the world to adopt Bitcoin as a […]

MicroStrategy’s Michael Saylor Kickstarts the Bitcoin Mining Council Inviting Industry Players to Join

On Thursday, June 11, MicroStrategy chief Michael Saylor officially kickstarted the newly formed Bitcoin Mining Council thereby inviting industry players. The Bitcoin Mining Council basically aims to shift the dynamics of the crypto mining industry by moving towards energy-efficient mining solutions. Inviting different industry players, Saylor said that the Bitcoin Mining Council will serve as […]

Michael Saylor Announces Go-Live of Bitcoin Mining Council

generic bitcoin miner mining illo

generic bitcoin miner mining illoAccording to an announcement from MicroStrategy CEO Michael Saylor, the controversial Bitcoin mining council went online on Thursday, June 11. The council’s goal is to reshape the crypto mining industry’s dynamics by promoting energy-efficient mining solutions. Saylor made the announcement while inviting major industry players, clarifying that the Bitcoin Mining Council will serve as a

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Biggest Renewable-Powered Crypto Mining Data Center Planned for Texas

Manhattan Solar Partners, LLC has announced plans to construct the biggest renewable-powered cryptocurrency mining data center in the USA. 

In a joint venture with BIT5IVE, LLC and GMine LLC, Manhattan Solar Partners is moving forward with its pla

El Salvador to use energy from volcanos for crypto mining after Bitcoin Law receives green signal

El SalvadorEl Salvador has been making news lately after openly embracing Bitcoin [BTC]. The country’s president seemed to be weighing in on the advancement of crypto in the region. Just as El Salvador garnered a thumbs up from Congress, its president, Nayib Bukele, revealed his plans to spruce up crypto adoption efficiently. The crypto community was […]

Iran’s Government Mulls Legal Framework for Crypto Regulations

The President of Iran, Hassan Rouhani, is looking to establish regulatory policies for the cryptocurrency industry. Meanwhile, crypto mining activities remain banned in the country.  Iran Planning to Create Crypto Regulatory Policy According to local news media, the Iranian President made the statement while presiding over the Economic Coordination Board meeting held on Tuesday (June

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Chinese Social Media Ban Cryptocurrency Bloggers: Is it a War Against the Community?

China seems to have started a real war against the cryptocurrency community. Shortly after banning crypto mining and trading, the government forces one of the country’s biggest social media platforms to ban fintech bloggers.

Just-In: Bitmain Slashes Price of its Top Bitcoin Mining Rig Amid Chinese Crackdown

Bitmain, the Bitcoin mining rig manufacturer has announced a price cut on its top bitcoin mining machine Antminer S19 Pro by 20% amid an increased crackdown on crypto mining by Chinese authorities. The price cut is being attributed to declining demand in China and many miners in the country have also applied for a refund. […]

Environmental Lobbyists Force Cryptocurrency Miners into Using Renewable Energy

Environmental lobbyists have for a long time been advocating for nature conservation. Their advocacy efforts now reached one of the most controversial industries, the crypto mining industry, which many criticize for consuming too much energy.