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Some Miami Bitcoin conference attendees say they’ve tested positive for COVID-19

Published by Miami Herald MIAMI — Thousands flocked to Miami last week for the Bitcoin 2021 conference, which was said to be one of the largest, if not the largest, cryptocurrency conferences the world had ever seen. Now, just days later, some conference attendees have posted on social media saying they’ve tested positive for COVID-19. […]

’Only a matter of time' before Twitter and Bitcoin’s LN….

Although Bitcoin has been seeing a volatile market over the past month, its potential has for long been recognized. The Bitcoin conference in Miami focused on the use cases of the Bitcoin network and

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El Salvador’s Bitcoin law is on its way to Congress

El SalvadorEl Salvador landed a prominent place in the crypto-verse after its President, Nayib Bukele, exhibited support for Bitcoin [BTC]. Appearing virtually at the recent Bitcoin 2021 conference in Miami, he noted that the country would soon present a bill before Congress to give Bitcoin a legal tender. The President took a plunge into the same and […]

US officials recover $2.3M in crypto from Colonial Pipeline ransom

Government officials did not specify the exact method used to seize the funds from the ransomware group.

Officials with a United States government task force have seized more than $2 million in crypto used to pay for ransom following an attack on the Colonial Pipeline system. 

In a Monday press conference, Deputy Attorney General Lisa Monaco said that the task force “found and recaptured” millions of dollars worth of Bitcoin (BTC) connected to Russia-based DarkSide hackers — the majority of the $4.4 million funds originally paid. A warrant filed with the U.S. District Court for the Northern District of California shows that authorities recovered 63.7 BTC, worth roughly $2.3 million at the time.

Monaco said this action was the first major operation in the task force’s mission to investigate, disrupt and prosecute ransomware attacks:

“Today, we turned the tables on DarkSide. […] By going after the entire ecosystem that fuels ransomware and digital extortion attacks, including criminal proceeds in the form of digital currency, we will continue to use all of our tools and all of our resources to increase the cost and the consequences of ransomware attacks.”

DarkSide’s attack on the major pipeline last month caused fuel shortages for many people in the United States. Monaco said the company quickly notified authorities of the problem and ransom demand, leading to the task force’s involvement.

In the same press conference, FBI Deputy Associate Director Paul Abatte said officials seized the funds from a BTC wallet used to pay the ransom for the cyberattack. However, at the time of publication, the method used to recover the crypto funds is unclear. A CNN report said that officials could have identified DarkSide as the ones responsible and used their network to trace the funds soon after the attack, but this method has had mixed success with ransomware groups.

Professional Skateboarder Tony Hawk Admits to Buying Bitcoin in 2012

Professional skateboarder Tony Hawk announced that he had first purchased Bitcoin in 2012 after discovering how it worked on Silk Road

The skateboarding legend was speaking at the Bitcoin 2021 conference in Miami this weekend. Hawk spoke about his pers