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Indian ‘Crypto King’ Arrested by Narcotics Control Bureau — Wazirx Says Not Our User

India’s Narcotics Control Bureau (NCB) has arrested a Mumbai resident known as “crypto king,” who allegedly used bitcoin to purchase narcotics on the dark web. Indian cryptocurrency exchange Wazirx says the accused is not one of its customers. ‘Crypto King’ Arrested in India A Mumbai resident, Makarand Pardeep Adivirkar, also known as “crypto king” in […]

Chiliz remains under pressure. Here are the next targets

Chiliz CHZ/USD remains under pressure; the price of this cryptocurrency fell from $0.98 to $0.16 since 12th March 2021, and the current price stands around $0.29.

Fundamental analysis: The popularity of this project is rising across the globe

Chiliz is an exclusive currency option for the sports fan engagement platform which is built on the Chiliz blockchain infrastructure. Chiliz provides sports & entertainment entities with blockchain-based tools to help them engage & monetize their audiences.

Chiliz is a project with big potential; the popularity of this project is rising across the globe, and it is important to say that Fan Tokens bought on allow users to influence their teams.

The most famous sports teams globally, including FC Barcelona, Manchester City, Juventus, Atlético de Madrid, Paris Saint-Germain, Roma, OG, CAI & UFC, have branded Fan Tokens that can be purchased via

Chiliz has opened up a New York office recently, which will be critical for Chiliz’s global expansion, according to CEO Alexandre Dreyfus. New York is the “headquarters for the sports industry in the U.S, and UFC has become the latest sport to get involved in the world of cryptocurrency via Chiliz blockchain.

“ and Fan Tokens will empower UFC to connect with its global following like never before. By giving fans around the world the ability to influence their favorite teams and sports, we are transforming what it means to be a fan,” Chiliz and CEO Alexandre Dreyfus said in a statement.

Fundamentally looking, there is still a level of uncertainty surrounding this project, and its success mainly depends on the flexibility of its strategy in response to the competitors’ moves. Technically looking, Chilliz extended its correction from the record highs above $0.90, registered on 12th March, and the price of this cryptocurrency can weaken even more in the upcoming days.

The whole cryptocurrency market is pressured by the fall of Bitcoin, and if you decide to trade this cryptocurrency next week, you should use a “stop-loss” order because the risk remains high.

Technical analysis: $0.20 represents a strong support level

The cryptocurrency market is losing its value last several days, and the price of Chiliz can easily back below $0.20 support.

Data source:

The critical support levels are $0.25 and $0.20; $0.40 and $0.50 represent the important resistance levels. If the price falls below $0.20, it would be a firm “sell” signal, and we have the open way to $0.15 or even below.

On the other side, if the price jumps above $0.40, the next price target could be around $0.50.


Chiliz remains under pressure, and probably it is not the best moment for investing in this cryptocurrency. The daily trading volume has weakened, and if the price falls once again below $0.20, the next price target could be around $0.15 or even below.

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Ethereum’s London hardfork is coming to three testnets, starting next week

Ethereum could advance even more in the ongoing bull market. Here are the next targets for buyers

As the DeFi sector emerged and brought countless new investors to Ethereum (ETH/USD), the network has been struggling even more than before, and it became imperative for the project to evolve into Ethereum 2.0. However, doing so is a long and complicated process that needs to be done right.

Even so, Ethereum has been making good progress so far, and it is getting ready to take the next step. Apparently, according to recent reports, it is almost ready for its London hardfork to go live on testnets. Three testnets will implement it soon, with the first one being Ropsten arriving next week, on June 24th, once the block height reaches 10,499,401. After that, the second one will be Goerli on June 30th, and finally, Rinkeby on July 7th.

So far, however, there is no known schedule regarding the mainnet upgrade.

What changes is the hard fork bringing?

According to Tim Beiko, the Ethereum core developer who made the announcement, only the testnets have been scheduled for London. After the upgrade is successfully activated, then and only then will the devs decide on the mainnet block at which the hardfork will be integrated. As soon as the developers know more, they will notify the community via the blog and various other venues, he promised.

The hard fork itself includes as many as five EIP (Ethereum Improvement Proposal) upgrades, with the most important one being EIP-1559, which is an overhaul of the project’s fee structure. This one is getting the biggest amount of attention as the Ethereum gas fees have skyrocketed following the explosion of DeFi, and reducing them is one of the biggest goals right now.

It is possible that this upgrade will disrupt miner revenues by upward of 50%, which was previously a cause for an attempt at ‘miner revolt,’ as it is now known. However, the situation seems to have calmed down since the initial reaction. But, the upgrade itself has been long awaited, and many are still very excited about it. So much so that it is considered one of the biggest upcoming bullish catalysts for Ethereum.

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Kraken Daily Market Report for June 18 2021


  • Total spot trading volume at $1.14 billion, the 30-day average is $1.89 billion.
  • Total futures notional at $287.6 million.
  • The top five traded coins were, respectively, Bitcoin (-5.9%), Tether (0%), Ethereum (-5.9%), USDC (0%), and Cardano (-4.5%).
  • While Keep was up 20% from the day before, it fell 16% today. Most other cryptos fell -5% to -10%.

June 18, 2021 
 $1.14B traded across all markets today

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I can’t start bitcoind on Raspberry Pi. Why do I need settings.json.tmp when I didn’t need it before?

I’ve reset my raspberry pi because after configuring Samba, bitcoind started downloading the blockchain much slower. Removing Samba didn’t return it to the original speeds so I figured starting with a fresh Raspian SD card might speed things up again.

I am following the same instructions to install bitcoin-cli but this time I get this error

Error: Failed saving settings file:
- Error: Unable to open settings file /mnt/bitcoin/Coins/Blockchain/settings.json.tmp for writing

The full instructions I’m following are here. I’ve used the same drive mounted at the same place as before. I don’t have a file settings.json.tmp. I do have settings.json and I naively cloned it and named it settings.json.tmp, but it didn’t help.

This is how I’m installing it:

tar xvf bitcoin-0.21.1-arm-linux-gnueabihf.tar.gz
sudo install -m 0755 -o root -g root -t /usr/local/bin bitcoin-0.21.1/bin/*

And this is how I’m trying to start it:

bitcoind -daemon --datadir=/mnt/bitcoin/Coins/Blockchain

I guessed maybe that the problem was that this time I was installing version 21.1 whereas before I was using version 21.0, I still had the old .tar.gz file so I tried installing the previous version, but got the same error.

Then I tried creating a new blockchain folder at /mnt/bitcoin/Coins/Blockchain2/ but I get the same error. If that’s a fresh folder, why would it try to read any files?

Does anyone know what the problem is here? Googling the error returns absolutely nothing.

I would appreciate any help.

EDIT: Extra info

I’ve just tried creating a new folder in the home directory instead of the hard drive and it worked. So why not on the hard drive? When I try to sudo rm settings.json.tmp I get rm: cannot remove 'settings.json.tmp': No such file or directory. Why is it trying to read a file that’s not even there?

The Missing Ingredient From A Full On Bitcoin Reversal

Bitcoin price is back around $35,000 and has failed to retake $40,000 despite several low timeframe reversal signals building. When looking back at past breakdowns following significant rallies, there could be a missing ingredient needed for a full on reversal, and it could have to do with the Bollinger Bands. All About The Bollinger Bands […]

Realme Buds Q2 to Launch in India on June 24 Alongside Narzo 30 5G, New Smart TV

Realme has sent out invites for a launch event on June 24, confirming the arrival of its TWS earphones the Realme Buds Q2 in India. The teaser image shows that the earbuds may come in a white and blue shade, an option that was not introduced in Pakistan. The teaser also suggests that the phone may have ANC, something that was not advertised before. The launch event on…