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Scottish roofing company ASAP accepts crypto payments

Scottish roofing company crypto payments

ASAP Roofing and Building Ltd., a Scottish roofing company has unveiled that its client base, which includes pensioners, has been increasingly using Bitcoin (BTC) to pay for its services. The company started accepting crypto in 2020. Reportedly, the company now accepts multiple cryptocurrencies, including Bitcoin (BTC), Bitcoin Cash (BCH), Ethereum (ETH), Dogecoin (DOGE), Litecoin (LTC), and XRP (XRP).

The Glasgow-based company is run by 20-year-old Kaeleb Mckay and his father Cameron. The firm specializes in the roofing of industrial, commercial, and domestic buildings. Apart from this, the company takes pride in traditional build maintenance and repairs. Kaeleb noted that they chose cryptocurrencies as a means of payment because they get paid quickly.

Despite being only 20-years-old, Kaeleb disclosed that been involved in the crypto space for years. According to him, he took a keen interest in crypto as early as 2014. Proving that BTC cuts across all age groups, Kaeleb said that he did a £500-repair in November last year for a pensioner that was well into her 60s. The surprising thing was that she wanted to pay in BTC.

Crypto adoption increases despite mounting concerns

Apart from the above case, the company has received crypto payments on multiple occasions. Kaeleb disclosed that just a few weeks ago, other elderly Brits wanted to pay in crypto with one man paying £180 in ETH for an emergency roof repair.

Although ASAP Roofing and Building Ltd. saw an opportunity and seized it, UK’s financial regulators are increasingly clamping down on crypto. For instance, the Financial Conduct Authority (FCA) cautioned UK citizens that they should be able to lose all their money if they invest in cryptocurrencies. Reiterating the concerns that global financial watchdogs have over cryptocurrencies, the FCA said cryptos are high-risk, speculative investments.

While ASAP Roofing and Building Ltd. has made headlines with its news of accepting BTC, it is not the first company in the field to embrace crypto. In January 2018, Elite Roofing, a roofing company based in Denver announced that it had started accepting BTC for its roofing services. At the time, Randy Brother, the company’s CEO, said cryptocurrencies like BTC are the way of the future.

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Deadpool Soundtrack Composer Tom Holkenborg To Auction ‘Soundtrack Of Your Life’ NFT

Deadpool Soundtrack Composer Tom Holkenborg To Auction ‘Soundtrack Of Your Life’ NFT

Tom Holkenborg, a world-renowned film composer for Hollywood blockbusters and DJ, has announced the auctioning of a unique offering. Holkenborg is planning to compose a one-of-a-kind music score for the ‘Soundtrack Of Your Life’ NFT concept.’ The action is set for June 16, 2021, from noon EST. The auction will take place on Amplifyx, an […]

French Football Federation launches official player NFTs with Sorare

Les Bleus players and their sports stats will be tokenized on the blockchain for trading and playing in fantasy games.

With the Euro 2020 championship in progress, blockchain-based fantasy soccer game Sorare has announced the licensing agreement for a national sports association to issue nonfungible tokens of its players.

In an announcement today, Sorare said the France Football Federation, or FFF, had launched its own line of player nonfungible tokens, or NFTs, prior to the team’s match against Germany on Tuesday. The French National Team — often called “The Blues” for the color of their shirts — is currently competing in the 2020 Union of European Football Associations European Football Championship. The Euro 2020 tournament was postponed last year due to the pandemic.

The firm will tokenize France national team players including Antoine Griezmann, Paul Pogba, and Hugo Lloris as digital cards for the 2020 season. With their performance stats recorded on the blockchain, player cards will each have different scores and rarity for the fantasy football game.

Winner of the European Football Championship in 1984 and 2000, France is reportedly one of the first national football associations to make a licensing agreement for official digital collectibles. However, Sorare said it was “in active discussion” to onboard other associations across the globe. 

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Sorare said it had sold more than $70 million in digital cards since January and currently has 90,000 monthly active users from 140 countries. Residents of more than 200 countries play football — or soccer, as it’s called in the United States and a few other nations.

“We’ve onboarded the World Champions: the French team,” said Sorare CEO Nicolas. “It is the first of many football associations that will be joining us in the coming weeks and months.”

Americans Made a Lot of Money on Crypto Last Year

Interest in bitcoin and cryptocurrencies really surged in America during the peak months of COVID, and now many traders in the United States are seeing that interest lead to profits. According to blockchain analysis firm Chainalysis, Americans have seen their bitcoin holdings return more than $4 billion to initial holders. Americans Love Their Bitcoin While

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South Africa to revise its stance on crypto amid surging retail interest

crypto amid surging

South Africa’s financial watchdogs are gearing up to introduce a crypto regulation framework in the country. A report unveiled this news on June 14, citing a position paper published by the South African Intergovernmental FinTech Working Group (IFWG) via the Crypto Assets Regulatory Working Group (CAR WG). IFWG outlined a regulatory framework that focuses on crypto asset service providers (CASPs) through this publication.

According to the position paper, IFWG is looking into crypto regulations in a phased and structured way. Before taking this stance, South Africa’s approach towards crypto has been cautious but unintrusive since 2014. Although the country is now turning to regulate crypto, IFWG warned that cryptocurrencies are still risky and volatile. To this end, the entity suggested that consumers should be wary of investing in cryptocurrencies, seeing as they could easily incur financial losses. 

Allegedly, this policy change comes after observers found multiple factors that rendered the previous approach inefficient. One of these factors is the rapid growth of the South African crypto market, which hit $147 million (£104.71 million) earlier this year. 

25 recommendations on crypto regulation

IFWG also published a press release in which it made 25 recommendations on how to rein in the crypto sector. The recommendations focus on three primary areas of concern. These are Anti-money laundering and combating terrorism financing (AML/CFT), cross-border financial flows, and the application of financial sector laws. By concentrating on these facets, IFWG seeks to task South Africa’s Financial Sector Conduct Authority (FSCA) with preventing crypto fraud and punishing wrongdoers.

Per IFWG, six comprehensive principles will steer South Africa’s approach towards implementing effective crypto regulations. The first one is ensuring the proper regulation of cryptocurrencies, followed by maintaining an activities-based point of view to ensure regulators are led by a principle of the same activity, same risk, same regulations. The third principle is applying proportionate regulations that go hand in hand with the risks posed, and maintaining a collaborative spirit on crypto regulation. 

The last two principles are proactively monitoring the crypto sector and fostering digital literacy among customers. In the press release, IFWG also cautioned that the decision to amend South Africa’s stance on crypto is not an endorsement of the nascent sector. 

This news comes after a report unveiled South African authorities are investigating a crypto-related scheme that defrauded investors out of $80 million. 

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Bware Labs Makes It High-Performance Decentralized Node Network Available to the Public

Bware Labs Makes It High-Performance Decentralized Node Network Available to the Public

Bware Labs, a decentralized infrastructure that provides an interface between Blockchain APIs consumers and node providers, has released the MVP for its platform. According to the announcement, Bware labs has finally shared the MVP with the public or otherwise referred to as a functional prototype. This new development will allow users to set up a […]

Splinterlands Blockchain-Backed Game Announces Sell Out Of 1.5M Untamed Edition Booster Packs

Splinterlands Blockchain-Backed Game Announces Sell Out Of 1.5M Untamed Edition Booster Packs

Splinterlands, a blockchain-based collectible card game, has just announced that its Untamed Edition booster packs are completely sold out. The edition offered a total of 1.5 million NFT packs each at $2, all of which were depleted by Friday, June 11. Owing to its popularity as one of the most proactive and rewarding games, the […]

How 2CrazyNFT Is Reshaping the Gaming and E-Sports Experience for Users?

Over the years we have witnessed an apparent gap between the traditional internet economy and decentralized internet usage. This is not just with respect to the financial industry but also the art, gaming and entertainment industry. The applicability of blockchain technology in various dimensions of life has driven greater value to the users. The team […]

Bitcoin Jumps 12% to Eye $40K on Positive Tesla and Taproot News

BTC price reached a high of $39,847 on Coinbase.

Bitcoin price has jumped over 12% to hit a two-week high of $39,847 on US-based crypto exchange Coinbase. The cryptocurrency’s upside towards the recently elusive $40,000 comes as the market continues to react positively to news.

Buyers are looking to hold the gains above support as shown in morning deals on Monday. Bitcoin currently trades at $39,286 on Coinbase.

Bitcoin price broke major resistance at $37k

After finding it difficult to break above $37k due to FUD related to a heightened crackdown on mining in China, BTC added more than $3,400 to its daily candle on Sunday to trade at the highest price level since 26 May.

While the broader recovery could align with other factors across the market, BTC’s value soared just after Tesla CEO Elon Musk revealed that the electric car maker was ready to resume Bitcoin transactions. It follows negative comments from Musk regarding Bitcoin’s energy consumption and impact on the environment.

“When there’s confirmation of reasonable (~50%) clean energy usage by miners with positive future trend, Tesla will resume allowing Bitcoin transactions,” the Tesla chief said.

Bitcoin price jumped nearly 10% following Musk’s tweet and traded higher to establish support above the 20-day simple moving average line ($36,756).

Bitcoin’s upside also comes after miners indicated support for the Taproot upgrade slated for November 2021. The upgrade seeks to revamp the network’s privacy and scripting capabilities.

From a technical point of view, analyst Rekt Capital says the upside might have helped push a potential death cross by a couple of weeks.

BTC/USD daily price chart showing the 50 and 200-day moving averages. Source: TradingView

The death cross happens when the 50-day moving average cuts below the 200-day moving average. It is a bearish signal that usually suggests further price correction, and as seen on the price chart above, BTC/USD was likely to make the cross if the 50 DMA continued to slope towards increasing 200 DMA.

“Fantastic upside movement from #BTC lately. The $BTC breakout has pushed back the potential Death Cross by two weeks.  Price increases from here would further postpone it,” the analyst pointed out.

And if $BTC is able to rally above $55K-$60K soon, then BTC could avoid the cross altogether.”

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