Glamnetic Beauty Brand Will Accept Bitcoin Payment

przez | 18 lipca, 2021

A giant beauty brand “Glamnetic” plans to accept payment in Bitcoin, Ethereum & DogeCoin. Their plans to accept payments in crypto are totally dedicated to pull women’s interest in cryptocurrency.

According to a report by cointelegraph, many companies and brands associated in the production & selling of beauty products or women related products are willing to accept crypto payments and push women in the crypto world. 

Ann McFerran, CEO & founder of Glamnetic company which is an attraction for eyelash beauty brands, revealed that their company is planning to accept payments in cryptocurrency. Recently they partnered with crypto payment service Bitpay. 

According to Ann McFerran, their company will be the first company that will accept crypto payment and it will derive huge adoption of women in the crypto industry. 

Whiel McFerran is CEO of Beauty Brand company Glamnetic but she is also a bitcoiner. She has been a Bitcoin Investor since 2017. According to her, women’s interest in the cryptocurrency market is very low and she pointed out that there is only 8% contribution of Womens in the crypto community by 2019. 

“The beauty industry is a sector where crypto payments aren’t widely accepted. I wanted Glamnetic to be one of the first brands to support crypto payments since I’m a huge believer in cryptocurrency and because I want to bring more women into the space.”

McFerran wants to pull women’s interest to a huge level in the crypto field. That is why she decided to adopt crypto payment options for their beauty products. 

Sanja Kon, CEO of Utrust which is a crypto payment service, shared point about crypto education in women. According to them if we want to educate women in Crypto then we need to focus on Women’s beauty & cosmetic brands to accept crypto payments. In this way we can leave a small impact in the women community to increase their interaction in cryptocurrency.

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